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School MIS : A Brief Introduction to the World of Online Education

Jul 11, 2021

In catching up to the pace of our world, educational institutions need technology more than ever. Today, educational institutions need to adapt faster to the changing times. With a significant influx of information and data, it is an undisputed fact that schools and colleges need to be coherent in using the digital arsenal. It is essential now, more than ever, to know how to manage data for an institution’s success. 

Do you want to learn more about Management Information Systems? How does it impact a schools' administration and management of students' information? 

In this blog, we hope to present almost everything that you need to know!

What is a Management Information System?

Simply put, a management information system (MIS) is like a storeroom that gathers and stores data. This data can be retrieved at any time. An MIS helps school administrators analyze and generate reports that can help in making important decisions. It helps teachers plan courses, communicate with parents, and evaluate students, among many others.

Many people confuse school MIS systems with School Management Systems, which manage online classes, assignments, etc., for students and teachers. MIS, however, manages the entire aspect of a school that is not just limited to the classrooms. 

There is a massive set of tasks that an MIS takes care of. It takes over trivial jobs that have been carried out manually since forever. While we cannot talk about all of them, here are a few things that cannot be left out when talking about Management Information Systems. 

Time Management    

MIS software in schools and colleges helps save time for teachers and administrators as any data related to school is just a click away. Imagine having to manually go through a myriad of files and data to retrieve a single student's data. Now think about having software that records, analyzes, and provides reports for any school-related data almost instantly! MIS software significantly reduces the manual workload of the staff. 

MIS not only helps with managing data but also helps with effective planning of course details. Manual planning of information is tedious, and revisiting data can be highly troublesome. MIS software allows teachers to plan their courses in detail and access them with a single click or tap. Thus it saves time for other productive tasks at hand.

Easy reports 

Isn't it challenging to manage reports manually? Go through periodic data, find a pattern, note suggestions. All of it seems infuriating to even think about. Do not worry, though! MIS services provide the luxury of seamless reports with accurate data. It provides error-free analysis in procuring reports.
Additionally, exam results and bills are freed from human error. Reports, both financial and academic, are essential for schools. The management system allows a clear, transparent, and productive view of the school's growth to make plans accordingly.

Efficient Communication  

Schools rely on efficient communication between parents, teachers, students, and staff. They must communicate effectively for the smooth running of day-to-day activities. School management systems provide a platform where there is regular communication between parents and teachers. Push notifications help notify parents about their children's results, performance, and attendance. Parents can also interact with the teachers on how they can improve their child's performance. These discussions would be improbable were we to rely on the traditional onsite parent-teacher meetings. 

Data Storage

Student data is confidential. The data ranges from financial details to details about their address, their health information, etc. Hence, the data must be secure and protected. School management systems ensure that these data are safely stored and only accessed by school administrators. Since data is no longer stored in the physical medium, an MIS minimizes the chances of a leak. Digitally, data is protected with passwords and access rights which the institution and staff control. 

Strict Learning Environment  

MIS software instils a good sense of discipline in the students. One might wonder: but how? 

Since absenteeism and poor exam performances are notified instantly, it creates a strict learning environment for students. The system stores and analyses students' data related to grades, assignments, homework, and attendance. It then creates progress reports which help teachers understand areas where a student needs assistance to improve. 

The Management Information System or School Management System is close to being the 'basic' need of schools all over the country. Schools need to adapt to the latest technology as soon as possible. Schools are preparing a whole new generation of digital citizens. It is also essential to train them appropriately on how to use the digital medium. In addition to the administrative benefits, adopting a school management system sets a good foundation for young students to be competent digital citizens. 

School Management System in Nepal 

Since the world is gradually moving towards a digital space, a country needs to keep track of the changing world. We need to prepare future generations to be well-equipped with the digital world. In order to compete with changing practices around the world, digital change no longer remains just 'an option.' We are already behind in terms of our interaction with technology compared to many others. One peek at the digital competency of these leading countries is enough to cause apprehensive haste. 

School MIS systems in Nepal are growing and are contributing towards making education better and efficient. Veda, a school management system trusted by more than 600 schools, is helping schools go digital in Nepal. The transition from one system to another is always tricky. Still, Veda eases this transition by ensuring smooth communication between all parties involved. 

Consider accepting Veda as your guardian angel when it comes to school MIS software. It is reliable, easy-to-use, and has several features that you cannot count on the entirety of your fingers and toes. Talk to our team, and get a free demo. Additionally, you can also check out this blog on 15 reasons why you should upgrade to Veda. 

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