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Veda is a team of diverse people who connect, grow, and collaboratively make an impact.

At Veda, we inspire curiosity and passion. We make sure the team is inclusive; everyone feels at home and welcomes diverse experiences and progressive thinking that represent the wider world. We foster a learning environment and we nurture growth mindset. We inspire meaningful connections and collaboration. We put people at the heart of everything we do to deliver the best experience. We promote respect and kindness within our four walls and in communities that we serve around the world.

At Veda, everyone has a voice making sure everyone is heard, and everyone plays a role in making the product and the team better.


Company Benefits

Our Values in Action

Flexible Hours

By enabling online and on-site work, we make it easier for the team to work at ease, increasing performance.

Events and Leisure

At Veda, regular sports events, team bonding events, outings, tours, movies, and dinner nights help the team remain refreshed.


We maintain a productive environment to foster learning and growth and inclusiveness to make everyone feel at home.

Foster Learning

We provide teams with materials and time to learn and explore new ideas and concepts.


Overtime work is compensated at Veda with overtime payment.We provide fuel charges for the sales and support team.

Free Lunch

We provide nutritious and tasty lunch for all team members, the best part is it’s all free.

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