Social Impact - Commitment to a Digital and Sustainable Future
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Veda’s Commitment to a Digital and Sustainable Future

We at Veda are committed to seeing education transition into a fully digital world of learning. We value the gravity of this paradigm shift and are determined to establish it as the pinnacle of sustainability. We fully support the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and firmly believe that they indeed will ‘Transform the World’.

Furthermore, to support the Government of Nepal’s (GON) 2019 Digital Nepal Framework - Veda, as a leading school management software and an online learning platform, is determined to contribute towards the Digital Initiatives placed under Education.

Our Contribution to Digital Education

Veda has been supporting over 1000 schools and colleges in making a seamless digital transition. Educators can focus on knowledge while we handle affairs both inside and outside the classroom. With our complete MIS (Management Information System), the learning process has never been more straightforward, and we intend only to go forward.

In 2019, Veda co-organized ‘Bhawishya’ with the Ministry of Education and Technology and Karkhana to showcase skills in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) for children and inspire the next generation of engineers, scientists, artists and creators.

Going Beyond the Students

Our drive towards a digital learning environment goes beyond just the students—Veda trained over 13,000 teachers and 2 lakh parents abiding by the shared vision of us all. We are fueled by the desire to make learning fun, safe, and long-lasting.

Who said Schools could not be Smart?

We have been helping Schools automate tasks that were once a burden of dusty registers and ledgers. Not only that, but we also handle Attendance, Assignments, Examinations, and more, so children can focus fully on learning and setting off on their way to becoming the leaders of the future! Why should anything stop them from learning a little more every day?

Up to and Over the Horizon: From Kathmandu to Beni Bazar, and Further

Our vision for the future encapsulates cities and villages alike. We believe in the fundamental right to good education and infrastructure. With that in mind, Veda has reached far beyond the big cities of Nepal, and aspires to expand further. No one should be robbed of the right to quality education, and we work day and night to arrive at a place where it's realized.

Eliminating Disruptions on the Way to Achieving Quality Education

If there is one thing COVID taught us, it's that there is no certainty in life. Through Veda, we ensure that disturbances of any nature, be it a global pandemic, extreme air pollution, or an individual illness does not affect education. Only a robust learning experience is what educators need to worry about. Veda has the rest covered with almost half a million students, and over 40,000 teachers actively using the platform.

Our Commitment to Sustainability and World Transformation

The United Nations put forward SDGs in 2015, intending to achieve them by 2030. We at Veda realize the importance of these goals and are devoted to contributing everything we can towards them.

Sustainable Development Goal 4 - “Quality Education”

Through Veda, we take care of the education in over 1000 schools and colleges in Nepal. We strive to expand and ensure that no corner in Nepal remains detached from the quality of education in cities like Kathmandu and Pokhara. We firmly believe that every child has the right to quality education, and we pride ourselves on being the pioneers of taking the first steps.

Sustainable Development Goal 8 - “Decent Work and Economic Growth”

Veda has been training people and actively creating employment for teachers in the tech field. We have more than 50 employees and only look to increase this number in the foreseeable future. We also have a wide network of dealership and reselling partners, which hopes to contribute to collective economic growth. Additionally, Veda has directly contributed to the creation of over 1,000 jobs in the tech sector in schools.

Sustainable Development Goal 13 - “Climate Action”

Several researchers have noted a significant (of up to 90%) reduction in energy consumption when shifting our affairs digitally. With Veda, we helped reduce 6,000 tones of paper usage in 2020 alone as schools and colleges reduced their dependency for paper usage by shifting to our mobile apps and website. It helps save countless trees and the habitat of land animals and birds.

The Show Must Go On

We are certainly not looking to stop at this. Dreams lie at the essence of what Veda is. Our name comes from the Sanskrit repositories of immense knowledge and possibilities. We intend to give this name justice. We move forward with an open mind, and we never say no to any form of help and support that can help us get by.

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