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App for students and parents to find all the information and learn right from the mobile devices. Available on both iOS and Android.
  • All in one solution for parents to find all the information about their children, school, and crucial information like billing, designed for even the parents with no technical knowledge.
  • It helps students find information and carry out learning from their mobile devices from online classes, assignments to result, and more.


Veda is all you need to auto-pilot your school and college.

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We use the latest and greatest servers to secure your data.


Our system is designed with ease of use in mind.

Exceptional Support

We have a support team of 15+ members, available 24 hours

Extreme Security

Our system is regularly security audited and has detailed access-level.

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Digital Learning

Veda MIS & E-learning

Making Online Learning Possible in more than 1000 Schools. We provide Zoom Integrated Online Classes, Auto Attendance, Assignment with annotation, Subjective and Objective Exams, Learning Materials, Online Admissions, and Online Fee payment, all in one school management software.

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For Your School

Your school is unique, so your software solution should be too.

Veda is tried, tested and trusted school management system by every type of educational institution including private schools, public schools, international schools, montessories and colleges.


Have a look at some of the valuable views on Veda.

Mobile Application of St. Xavier’s School has created a new excitement throughout our students, staff, and parents. It has allowed our school and community to stay connected and engaged through smart phone technology. Veda have made parenting very easy and we are getting a lot of positive responses from parents.

Fr. Amrit Rai

Principal - St. Xavier's School
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Veda ?

‘Veda’ is a complete School Management and Digital Learning Platform. Veda helps schools to automate daily processes and activities of schools, helps make communication and information sharing among School Administration / Management, School Staff and Parents efficient and cost-effective and helps schools store, retrieve and analyze data generated by different school processes in a centralized and convenient way between.

How to contact our sales ?

You can contact our sales at

Is Veda available on mobile phones ?

Veda comes with mobile applications (both in Android and iOS) to connect parents with the school and to ease parents to get all the information on their children and the school. Parents can view all the information (such as online classes, assignments, attendance reports, calendar, progress reports, event notices, assignment reports, bus tracking, billing information, daily routine, exam notice, exam routine, and all other information). Parents can post their feedback, requests, and complaints with the help of this app.

How to contact our support ?

For any help you can contact our support at

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