Key Features

Instant Notification

Parents get notified about updates about the school or their children right from their mobile app instantly.

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SMS Notification

School can schedule a SMS notification to parents who have not viewed app notifications due to unavailability of internet or other problems. This allows parents with any mobile phone set anywhere to get notified. This feature is optional.

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Digital School Calendar

Parents can view the calendar right from the app. It helps parents to get information on academic days, holidays, celebrations, events, sports week, exams, vacation and all important dates.

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Digital Routine

Parents can keep track of class and exam routine of their children right from their mobile app. They get instantly notified if there are any changes in routine.

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Daily Assignment Update

Filling up assignment diaries is a time consuming process also the assignment data in some cases might not be reliable. Using Véda, parents can view daily assignments of their children and sign the assignments digitally

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Digital Progress Report

Parents can view and sign the progress report of their children right from the app. They can also compare between different exam result graphically. This enables parents to visualize the exact progress of their children.

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News & Events

Parents get all the information about events happening in school. They can see the events happening in schools and also add an reminder. They can excess information of like time, venue and date of the events.

Digital Attendance

Our digital attendance system helps teachers to easily take attendance of class. Parents instantly get notified about the attendance and become sure if their child is present in school.

Student's Profile

Parents can view the profile of their students including their class, roll number, section, group and house, registered phone number and address etc. and their image and can edit incase of missing data or wrong data.

Bus Route & GPS Tracking

Parents can view the bus route and all the bus stops available in the route. Also live GPS tracking of school bus from the app helps them to see where the school bus has reached.

Login & Privacy

Parents get their own username to access information from the mobile app. This ensure parents can access the information of their children only. Parents can access information like specific notification, progress report, assignment, complains etc. of their children only.This ensures privacy is maintained.


Parents view the images of schools, events and functions carried out by schools. Schools can also post the prospectus, canteen menu and other details through the gallery.

Complaints and Feedback

Parent can send their complains and feedback to school directly from the app. School can view the feedback and complains and keep a log. School can comment on the reply and parents can reply to the comments.

Leave Note

Parents can post leave note on behalf of their children. If a student is absent without a note school can directly send message to parents. This also helps parents to keep track of every date their children was absent on.

Library System

Digital library system helps school to ease the process of maintain the data of book retrieval and return. Parents can get information of the books retrieved by their children from the school.


Véda helps teachers to keep track of their students’ progress. They can keep track of their routine and plan their day right from the Véda Guru app. We have created a platform to bridge the communication gap between parents and teachers which is, otherwise, limited to planned meetings. Teachers can send regular performance update and feedback to parents and get replies from parents. Process like posting homework and taking attendance is digitized can easy with Véda Guru App.