Intuitive Dashboard

Our intuitive dashboard affords end-users with a easy learning curve. The dashboard has user-centric design, easy to navigate design. Every section are put in hierarchy and related metrics are grouped together for ease of access. Colors are used for separating important sections in the dashboard. Even the users possessing minimal technical abilities will be able to take advantage of in-depth features.

Digitize & Automate Process

School process automation helps schools to take out the complex, most redundant steps from their processes and streamline them for simplicity. It helps an innovative approach to systematize critical, everyday processes. Véda helps to automate process of record keeping, attendance, communicating with teachers and parents, receiving feedback, sending notifications, events planning and calendar maintenance, maintaining class and exam routine etc. and digitize every data related to these processes. This helps to save time in everyday for all the staffs of the school, and saves a lot of money for school.

Centralized Data System

Our centralized database system keeps all the data in one single database. Using such system, Data integrity is maximized and data redundancy is minimized. . This aids in the maintaining of data as accurate and as consistent as possible and enhances data reliability. This insures high data security. This allows ease of access of any data. Data kept in the same location is easier to be changed, re-organized, mirrored, or analyzed. Updates to any given set of data are immediately received by every end-user.

Cloud Backed Data

All the data is backed in the cloud ensuring the data is never lost. In cases of system failure or any other hazards, the data can be restored from the servers. This maintains data integrity. The cloud backed data are secure and password protected so only the authorized users can access data from the cloud.

Data Visualization for Informed Decision Making

Data Visualization is an important ingredient to a perfect recipe for the success of an organization in today’s competitive market. Visualizing data using the appropriate techniques can reveal insights which the decision makers can incorporate in their decision-making pipeline in order to make informed decisions which are driven by data. The data stored in the system can be visualized using graph and charts to see the performance fall and rise of students, notification history, downloads of apps and other insights related to school and students helping school administrator to take right decision based on the information stored.

User Access Level & Security

User-level security allows the database administrator to group users with similar needs into common pools called workgroups. Permissions can then be granted to the workgroup instead of to individual users, easing the administration of permissions. Two default groups are provided, the Admins group and the Users group.

Accessible From All Device

Veda Guru can be access not only from computers but also Véda Guru App for mobile phones helps teachers and school staffs to acess and modify data from android or iOS devices. The users have to be logged in to perform any action and high level of security is maintained to ensure only the one with permission can access data.