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Veda CMS is cloud-based, hosted in the world’s best cloud platform, so we boast an unbeatable uptime of 100%. Veda can be accessed from anywhere and any device securely given you have access credentials.

Access Control & Security

Access Control & Security

Granular user access level and security

User-level security defines privileges and features at granular details for every user, enabling access to only the relevant information and data and making sure no one has unauthorized access to any data.

Intuitive UI

Intuitive UI

Designed for ease of access

Our intuitive dashboard affords end-users with an easy learning curve. The user-centric design makes our school management system easy and intuitive. Features are grouped together to help users find features easily.

Reports and Analysis

Reports and Analysis

Graphical report and analysis

Analysis transforms data and information into insights. Reporting helps schools to monitor their data regularly. Our graphical reporting and analysis help raise questions about the business from its end users and make it easier to find the data hidden.



Accessible from any device and anywhere

Veda is accessible from any device, without any hurdle, given the user has required user access and credentials. Veda Web CMS helps users access the data via Computer, and Veda Guru App helps teachers and school staff access information via Mobile phones.

Unify data

Unify data

Centralized data system to unify data

Our centralized database system helps make data management easier by unifying data to find hidden relations and information using the system. This ensures integrity is maximized, and data redundancy is minimized.

Veda Guru

Access Veda CMS on the go with the Veda guru app on mobile


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