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15 Reasons Your School Should Upgrade to Veda

May 23, 2021

Educational institutions have changed their way constantly since their inception, and the year 2020 saw one of the most significant changes in the education sector. After a rocky start in 2020 and after many online learning sessions, schools are more than ready in 2021 for a digital makeover. This change in dynamics is primarily due to school management information system (MIS) software.

Veda is a one-stop platform for school and college MIS software and digital learning platforms with over 600 schools across Nepal. This comprehensive school management system helps automate all school work, saving a lot of your time and energy—all the more reason for your school to go digital with Veda.

Here are 15 reasons why you should upgrade to Veda:  

1. To each their own

Veda provides different apps for teachers and students rather than having everything in just one app. As the priorities of teachers and students are different and just one app wouldn’t be easy to use for both parties, Veda makes sure your user experience is not compromised. The teachers’ app — Veda Guru puts more focus on the planning of courses, and assignments, homework. Veda for Students, on the other hand, has its focus on online classes and submission of homework and assignments. 

2. Online payment options

The integrated online payment options in Vedea like Khalti and eSewa help schools collect fees through the app. With digital wallet payment integration, it will remove the hurdle of setting an additional online payment for schools. Keeping records and track of bills collected also make financing seamless and reduces the effort needed in half. 

3. Online admission

Having the option to apply online enables schools to continue with admissions even during this lockdown. The Online Payment option integrated into Veda can help with paying admission fees.

4. Online result with Continuous Assessment System (CAS)

Veda has one of the best result systems available in the market. The CAS system enables teachers to input marks easily from their system i.e. app or web-based Content Management System (CMS) which generates reports, analyses, and detailed ledgers automatically without any hassle. Parents can also log in to the app to find their child’s results and analysis.

5. Ledgers 

It is easy for school administrators to keep track of every student and their progress with different ledgers. The visual representation of exam results throughout the year, comparing each student’s strengths and weaknesses will help teachers with individual planning of each student and put more effort. 

6. Push Notification

Communication can sometimes be tricky, especially between parents and teachers. If only there were an easy and effective way of communication between teachers, parents and students. This can be an easy feat with the notes feature on the Veda app. It allows teachers to send important messages to parents and students. 

7. Analytics 

Searching every students’ data through manual files is monotonous and highly time-consuming. Analytics in the Veda database manages students’ data that teachers can fetch anytime. The weekly class reports show graphs of students’ attendance and assignments. The systematic computational analysis of these data helps schools to plan their actions accordingly. Individual data of students can be accessed by teachers, principals and school administrators to keep track of student’s progress and take necessary action.  

8. Student evaluation 

At times like these, it’s hard for teachers to submit a report on students’ progress. Evaluation metrics incorporated in Veda, like General Evaluation, Remarks, and Merit/Demerit enables teachers to evaluate and assess students based on performance and other criteria. Management and administration can keep track of the evaluation directly from Veda, keeping in the way of all the classes and students.

9. Smooth and easy User Interface (UI) 

Educational institutions need to be comfortable spaces for students, teachers, and parents. The comfort of these three parties is the most crucial in any educational institution. Veda makes sure that there is constant communication between parents, teachers, and students. Parents are always worried about how their child is performing academically and want to be in constant touch with teachers. 

Veda provides a platform where parents can easily see the day-to-day growth of their children. Any information the parents or teachers want to access is just a few clicks away. The easy user interface of veda apps allows new users to use it without any fuss and with great control from the first time. With a concise UI, it keeps things clear, saving users time. 

10. Course planning for teachers 

Teachers are constantly fretting over course planning and detailing. Veda allows teachers to plan their lessons in detail through the app, making the process less time-consuming and more efficient. Since we are in the middle of a global pandemic, teachers need to plan their online courses accordingly — use videos, conduct more interactive sessions, and more. 

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11. Assignments and Homeworks: 

Teachers can easily upload assignments and Homeworks and keep track of assignments at any point in time. Assignments and Homeworks are one way to know that the students learn their course materials more effectively. Veda makes it effortless to upload and download assignments, which saves time and energy. Students can recall the assignments anytime for later revisions making it easier for them to prepare for exams.  

12. Auto-attendance

Taking attendance is a very mundane process but can be an equally daunting task when done online. Your focus should only be on conducting online classes and let the app handle the nitty-gritty like taking attendance. 

13. Online exams made easy 

Exams are always a tricky space. Whether it is physical or virtual, conducting exams are always tough. But Veda provides an efficient way to conduct online exams. Teachers can upload their questions and set the examination time. Students will receive the notification and will start and end the exam within the given time frame. With an in-built option of conducting both subjective and objective examinations, the effort is reduced to half.

14. Daily reports

During the lockdown, it’s hard for schools to keep track of the subject planning and progress. Daily Reports of teachers from Veda can help the school keep track of it.

15. Planning bus routes

This feature comes in handy when the schools reopen after the lockdown. Veda makes sure that all parts of your school run smoothly in a digital space. You can plan your bus routes and change them too all within the app. 

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