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Is your School taking a risk by not going Digital ?

Jul 04, 2021

Education during the pandemic has been a tricky affair. Finding a way to ensure a robust learning environment through e-learning platforms was quite challenging for educators worldwide. Additionally, adaptability remained the most significant hurdle after having addressed accessibility. 

‘Online learning’ has become somewhat like a prayer phrase that everyone is familiar with these days. Online classes during lockdown are something that almost everyone has had to embrace. Although the transition seemed daunting, the ways of the world must persist. 

Converging to our country, we have been through lockdowns, one after another, amidst rising COVID numbers. This deems the online learning environment increasingly crucial. After all, education remains one of the top indicators for the future prosperity of a country. A question one might ask oneself: are my affairs up-to-date and effective? Does my school or the school my kids go to employ an e-learning platform? If not, what are they missing out on? 


Are You Missing Out?

According to UNESCO, close to 1.5 billion students were affected by lockdowns throughout the world. The majority of them have already shifted online with Tencent, a Chinese company, noting 730,000 children starting online classes at once. Arguably the “largest online migration” in the history of education. We must halt and ask ourselves this: Are we sure we don’t want to miss out on what they are achieving?

Education will never go back to the way it was before the pandemic. Through e-learning platforms, students have been self-sufficient and increasingly analytical, and aware of their course matters. The time management aspect of digital education is evident as students can learn, revisit classes with recorded sessions, and attend courses right from the comfort of their homes. 

As far as traditional classrooms go, information circulated within the walls of an institution only echoed as long as curious minds lent their attention. Revisiting information was not even considered a possibility. Fail to pay attention for a little while, and you would miss out on a lot. With e-learning, however, that has completely changed. The paradigm has shifted, and revisiting information has housed itself just a few clicks away!


Relating to that, here is another fact for you. Some researchers claim that online learning is more effective than classroom learning. Statistics suggest that students retain almost 25% of what they learn online instead of a mere 10% they do within the walls of a classroom!

The Question of Ease of Access and Pros

Furthermore, the pandemic also brings up issues like ease of access. It is true that online learning presents itself as a challenge in a country like Nepal, where technology remains out of reach for many. However, e-learning platforms like ours have been adept at providing support through smartphones which become cheaper and more accessible as years go by. As a result, schools are saving significantly with Veda, our own  MIS(Management Information System). Additionally, it also helps minimize the use of paper, which contributes towards a future full of trees. In fact, a study by Britain’s Open University revealed that online learning consumes up to 90% less energy as compared to its predecessor.


Not only that, tasks that take up valuable time like attendance and assignments don’t need manual handling. It leaves so much time for learning which is what matters in the end. 
Other data, too, when stored offline in registers from our grandparents' era, risk being lost. If that does not bother you, perhaps think about the problem of access? From a student’s point of view - think about notes, lectures, feedback, everything just a few taps and clicks away. The hassle of having to go through an entire year’s worth of work was made easier only by the will to make the switch. 

Parents who miss out on teachers’ assessment of students because of commitments from work also benefit from e-platforms. There is no need to compromise when all that can be assessed from the comfort of our very own dining tables.  

e-Learning portals as an absolute necessity of our time: But where to start?

If you have made it this far, it is safe to assume that you are at least thinking about the benefits of going digital. If not, you must be evaluating the risks of missing out. That’s where we come in. It is like one of those “you’ve come this far, let us take it from here and go do what you do best” situations! 

Veda has been designed with the utmost care nurturing every need an institution has. From students and teachers all across to the administrative staff, Veda has it all covered. 

Veda not only helps manage the affairs inside a classroom but also looks after things like billings and balance sheets. What’s best is that it is accessible from wherever you are, given that you have a device and an internet connection. Let us face it; we have come to accept the fact that being ‘there’ wherever and whenever is not an option anymore. More so when we have uninvited guests like the COVID pandemic knocking at our doors. Here you have a platform that provides dedicated support and orientation based on what you need at times like these. 

The most exciting part is the platform’s user-friendly nature with an almost non-existent learning curve. With that, teachers and students can get started right away and set sail into the world of knowledge backed up by the backroom staff with simple clicks and taps on Veda. 

Although there are several benefits, we have compiled 15 reasons why your school should upgrade to Veda to help you navigate your way to booking an appointment right now! So make haste as there is no time to waste. The world is moving forward; you deserve to as well.

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