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Tips on Effective Online Class Planning During COVID-19

May 12, 2021

In these new and challenging times, adapting to the current situation is always tricky. The second wave of the pandemic has just hit us, and like every other sector, education is also affected. Schools have closed physical classes and are running their day-to-day operations through a digital medium. The transition from physical to digital, as we all know, is not going to be easy. However, to make this transition smooth and easy for schools, parents, and students, Veda can come in handy.

A school management software, Veda, offers easy access to the daily activities of schools through a digital medium. Here are some tips on how Veda can help teachers to plan for effective online classes:

1. Course Planning

Course planning can sometimes be a daunting task, and when running them online, insufficient planning can lead to some serious troubles. Veda offers a feature to add course plans for your classes, making it easier for teachers to plan. Teachers can also add video links appropriate to their courses and add notes making to make them much more effective.

2. Auto-Attendance

Are you having a tough time tracking attendance? With so much already on your plate with managing online classes, do you still struggle to take attendance, which used to be a piece of cake during physical classes?

Let Veda help you ease up that burden with auto-attendance. Students joining a Zoom class through Veda mobile app or desktop platform will be automatically marked present, and students who join late will be marked late. Auto-attendance is a convenient feature for teachers that saves time.

3. Assignments and Homeworks

Giving assignments to students during online virtual classes has become easy now. Veda enables teachers to provide assignments in pdf, image, link, or text forms through the app or the dashboard. Students can view and submit assignments from the students' Veda app. Teachers can evaluate the assignments right from the app and provide notes. Veda makes the whole process of assigning, submitting, and evaluating assignments easy through one platform.

4. Online Exams

In times like these, when education is online, taking exams is another tough job for the teachers. But Veda makes this task more accessible and efficient. Online exams with dates and time limits are available in the app.

Teachers can conduct both subjective and objective examinations of the students.

The auto gradient of exams removes the hassle of preparing results provided to students via Web or Mobile platform. Analysis associated with exams helps teachers identify students' performance and the most common challenges for students.

5. Instant Notifications

The in-built instant notification system in Veda allows teachers to communicate seamlessly with parents and students. The instant notification and alert functionality guarantees students and parents get important school information in real-time.

Let Veda help run your school on auto-pilot with necessary features for routine activities that seem tedious while doing it online. Veda helps you run your classes effectively and helps you show a new dimension to digital education that can be an alternative even after the pandemic.

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