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Veda Super Pets 2021

Oct 31, 2021

The festival of lights is upon us. Every year we are led into an enthusiasm guided by the lights, a mere few days after the great festival of Dashain. That’s right, it's Tihar time!!!

Veda wishes a Happy Tihar/Deepawali to everyone celebrating. May this Tihar bring all the light into your lives to kick out any sort of darkness that threatens to dull your aurora. On top of that, this is also an opportunity to give you a chance to ease your transition through the post-holiday blues. We know it's real, it hurts to go back to your regular routine after such a festive stretch. 

On top of wishing you all a Happy Tihar, the other intention of this post is something else. We all know how important pets have been for humankind since as far as we can remember. While everyone loves their pets, Nepal has a special day for dog owners. Yup, we all know what that is. The Kukur Tihar!!

This year we have decided to do something really cool. We all love looking at pictures of pets, don’t we? In an attempt to show and share just how awesome your pet is, on the occasion of Kukur Tihar 2021, Veda brings you a tiny little event: Veda Super-Pets 2021. We are not just limiting this to dog owners because, hey, every pet is awesome! We know what you’re thinking. As the British man said, “wicked!”. Right? 

The drill’s simple. All you have to do is take a picture of your pet, preferably with you or someone else in the picture too. Share the picture on Facebook with the hashtag #VedaSuperPets and tag Veda on the post. It's as simple as that. The picture that gets the most likes will get their hands on a mystery prize. What it is, we can’t reveal until after the event is over.

How To Participate

  • Click a picture of you and your pet. If you’re not comfortable being in the picture, that is all right. 

  • Post the picture on Facebook on Kukur Tihar i.e November 3rd 2021 

  • Mention your name and your pet’s name on the post

  • Use the hashtag #VedaSuperPets and #Veda

  • Tag Veda (@tryveda) in the Post

  • Get tons of likes on the post



  • The picture with the most likes shall receive a mystery prize



  • This event is open to everyone that happens to come across this announcement!

See Veda in action: We'd love to demonstrate what we can do for you