Reimagining Education : Technology’s Role in Addressing Education Challenges, Chitwan - Event - Veda
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Reimagining Education : Technology’s Role in Addressing Education Challenges, Chitwan

Mar 12, 2022

Thoughtful intentions, calculated persistence, resilient mindset, and a desire to do good. This has been Veda’s mantra of sustainability over the past few years that it has been serving schools and colleges in Nepal. Following the same chain of thoughts, we have now arrived at our first junction from where we hope to cultivate possibilities that will help us make a national impact in terms of transforming education with technology. 

Veda is organizing the event “Reimagining Education : Technology’s Role in Addressing Education Challenges” on March 12th in Bharatpur, which is aimed at being the more tangible manifestation of this junction, and is also complemented by our physical expansion in Chitwan. This event is sponsored by eSewa Pvt. Ltd. and Worldlink Communications Ltd. to support our drive of incorporating digital solutions into education.

Through this event Veda intends to strengthen its philosophy of technological advancement when it comes to education. Several local and even schools from Veda’s current clientele will attend this event in Chitwan to add to this process of evolution that we all find ourselves heading towards. 

Educators and students find themselves in a precarious position at this time. On one hand, the pandemic threw the entire world off balance, and the educational landscape also finds itself struggling to return to normalcy. However, on the other hand, these disruptions in education have also rendered it necessary for us to consider: What exactly is normalcy now? Traditional ways or Digital autonomy? 

At Reimagining Education : Technology’s Role in Addressing Education Challenges, we hope to spark this very conversation about the future of education and the best strategy to ensure that Nepal can match the levels of education in developed countries. Veda, for this, is determined and motivated to facilitate educators and help institutions go digital with no issues whatsoever. 

If you have any queries about the event contact : 9801856402/9801856400

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