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Veda - A flagship product of InGrails Private Limited, is an all-in-one platform to manage operations, finances, and communications, and provide tools to run schools and colleges virtually. Veda is a solution for the education landscape, addressing the needs for a school or college to go digital.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Conduct surveys in the market regarding the product, features, additions, needs, etc., in addition to assessing the internal team performance, strategies, etc.
  • Provide input and insight to the sales and marketing teams in building strategies for growth and client acquisition through data - strategy, acquisition, and collaborative planning.
  • Collect data/information online that could potentially strengthen market understanding and scope. This includes analyzing research papers and gauging their relevance in the local context.
  • Develop strategies to build a proper funnel for collecting, storing, and analyzing data incoming from all channels. i.e, data from support tickets, development team, google analytics, etc.
  • Develop strategies to streamline all internal processes in making sure they are more data oriented.
  • Conduct periodic market research and track market evolution through introduction of trackable metrics for comparison.
  • Identify the best ways/software/CRM to store, manage, retrieve, and analyze data for future ease. Includes contribution in developing an internal platform for precision.
  • Produce data and filter it in usable formats when requested by internal departments.
  • Identify and filter evolving metrics and stagnant metrics as per the data available.
  • Produce a clear plan for different approaches to research with regards to the National and International markets.
  • Contribute to the optimization of our support channels through major pain-points analysis.
  • Assist in collecting, storing, and filtering data during offline or online events conducted by the company.
  • Identify trackable metrics with the help of all departments to compile and prepare reports about evolving trackable metrics for each department monthly.
  • Be awesome and always look forward to learning.
  • We know there’s a lot to do, another requirement is to try and not be overwhelmed and know that its okay to ask for help :)


Apply if you meet these requirements:

  • You are a MS excel God! - No pressure, if you know how to use it and make charts/graphs that works!
  • You are a no-nonsense-straight-to-the-point clear and concise writer
  • You talk like music so people listen to you
  • You don’t just talk and talk, but listen more!
  • Its preferred if you have used CRMs like Hubspot before (although if you haven’t and you’re willing to learn - that is enough!)
  • You went to college and studied data (or at least did so much research you always (almost) know exactly where to look


How to apply? 

Please send Resume/ CV and Cover Letter to
Note: Cover Letter is must.

For inquiry, please contact +977-9801030560

  • Critical Thinking Skills
  • Communication
  • Research
Other Information
  • No. of Vacancy/s: [ 1 ]
  • Employment Type: Full-Time
  • Offered Salary: Negotiable

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