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Veda’s Haat, Haat ma Shikshya : A Summary

Aug 24, 2021

The world welcomed 2020 with enthusiasm and promise. Little did we know about the danger rising in one corner of the world to the east. The danger would soon cripple the entire world, bringing almost everything to a halt. 

2020 pushed the entire humanity to a test. This included students, teachers, and educators as well. Today, without education, there is no future. We at Veda realize this at the core of our hearts. We recognize the efforts that our students, teachers, and administrators put into education to make sure progress never stops. 

To honour that resolve, that courage shown by students and teachers, we knew we had to do  something.

The Inception

Slowly the idea took form, and thus, “Haat, Haat ma Shikshya”, a month-long Facebook campaign, was launched. Students and teachers shared their experiences of teaching and learning through online classes through a 30-second plus video that they shared on Facebook. The entire campaign was powered by Khalti Digital Wallet. 

Beginning on the 23rd of June, and ending on the 23rd of July, Haat, Haat ma Shikshya saw hundreds of students and teachers encouraged to share their online education experiences. The messages we received were inspiring, honest, and full of determination to never stop moving forward. We saw creativity, leadership, and empathy. We saw small children talk with wisdom that could challenge years of experience. We saw teachers, children at heart, full of hope. 

The Results

At the end, it was a difficult decision, but a total of 20 videos made it to the voting round. The decision was tough as every submission we received was equally worthy and had an equally persistent promise. After the final voting round, the following people emerged as winners in their respective categories. 

Future Leaders Category

Priyansa Poudel - Solidarity International Academy
Rabisha Khatri - St. Mary’s School
Isha Angel - St. Mary’s School
Sumit Rae - Jhapa Model School
Prithul Poudyal - St. Xavier’s Godawari

Veda Guru Category

Umesh Duwal - Khwopa Secondary
Susan Giri - The Excelsior School
Manoj Shrestha - Everest Academy, Banepa
Krishna Ram Koju - Khwopa Secondary
Tamata Rukum - Kathmandu College of Central State

New On The Block Category

Winner - Hemraj Bhandari - Samata Siksha Niketan, Damak

Top winners in both Future Leaders and Veda Guru categories received a brand new Acer i3 laptop worth more than 50,000 rupees. Runner-ups in either category received cash prizes. Our New On The Block category winner received 10,000 rupees in cash and a 1-year free Veda subscription for his school. 

Additionally, throughout the campaign, we had a weekly segment called “STEAM Express,” supported by Karkhana. There were a total of 30 winners spread across 4-weeks who won exciting gift hampers from Karkhana in the form of science kit bags and books. 

New on the Block and Ease of Education

We spoke to Mr Hemraj Bhandari, who won the New on the Block category. This is what he had to say about the campaign and the 1-year Veda subscription he secured for himself and his school. 

"Previously, we had minimal options in terms of Online Education. Through Haat, Haat ma Shikshya, my colleagues, my students learned about the existence of software like Veda, which enables us to do more than just homework and attendance. Additionally, students from outside big cities got to hear about the students' experiences from the biggest schools of Nepal. This has certainly given them a new outlook that would otherwise have taken a lot of time without Haat, Haat ma Shikshya. I hope that through Veda, learning continues to get easier. Even after the pandemic ends, we get to continue to use digital media and prepare students for a world that has largely become dependent on technology. Veda is on the way to revolutionizing education, and we're lucky to have been involved in the process." 

About Veda and Khalti

Veda is the leading Management Information System in our country supporting more than 700 schools in Nepal. Veda helps in management of classes, attendance, assignments, and exams. In addition to that, Veda also helps handle every task that takes place outside the classroom like data management, report management, fees and finances, etc. Veda has also been pushing for a more sustainable future of education. We are proud to say that we have been working day and night towards contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals by the UN. You can read more about it here.  

Our main sponsor for the Haat, Haat ma Shikshya event, Khalti Digital Wallet, is one of Nepal’s leading digital payment apps. Khalti has actively been promoting a cashless economy which is one of the needs of the hour. Khalti aims to remove all barriers that threaten education by pushing for a cashless education system. In addition to that, Khalti also works to ensure that students develop financial knowledge and independence.

At the Edge of Tomorrow

Veda and Khalti would like to thank all the participants who participated and made this event successful. We regard you all very highly and feel proud that the future of our country is in such able and competent hands. 

We hope to receive an equally overwhelming amount of support from everyone in our future events and endeavours. Veda is committed to seeing us through the ranks in terms of quality education and technological innovation. Move forward beside us; we could use every bit of support we can get. Thank you so much. 

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