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Veda pledges support for underprivileged children with every new School/College it onboards

Apr 21, 2022

To celebrate our clientele’s unwavering support, Veda is bringing its new Donation drive that will set aside Rs. 1,000 for every new school/college that adopts Veda as its School Management System

As an emerging nation, there is still a considerable lack of parity in the facilities and services that children in rural and urban areas have access to. Since our inception, we have supported students all over Nepal to get uninterrupted access to education. However, there are still many who could use a hand. 

Through our new Donation campaign, we pledge this financial support for underprivileged children in the more remote parts of the country. With every new School/College that signs with Veda, we shall add Nrs. 1,000 to our donation fund to be used for those in need.

How does it work?

It is simple. When an educational institution or individual registers for a demo through this link:--> and ends up subscribing to Veda’s services, the Donation fund gets credited by a thousand rupees. 

There is no limit to the number of demos and sign-ups. Additionally, there is no deadline for onboarding after a demo. 

Veda Guru users can be a part of this too!

Veda Guru users can be a part of our donation drive through the Veda Referral Program. The Referral program brings with it cash rewards and benefits . Veda Guru users can win up to Nrs. 25,000 and more upon successful referrals which they can set aside for Veda’s Donation fund. 

Veda Guru users who would like to be a part of Veda’s Donation Campaign can simply refer schools and they will be presented with an option of donating the cash reward to children/institutions in need.

Upon a successful referral, users shall be notified of their reward status based on the option they select when making the referral. 

Veda Referral Program is now LIVE !



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