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Veda App By Ingrails wins the WITSA merit award.

Nov 16, 2021

We are delighted to announce that Ingrails Pvt. Ltd. has received the merit award for the category ‘Digital Opportunity/ Inclusion Award’ in the 2021 WITSA Global ICT Excellence Awards ceremony. The company won the award for Veda MIS, the company’s flagship product, under the E-Education & Learning Award (Private Sector/NGO). 

In addition to several other categories, this award was announced on the 13th of November through a Virtual Event at the 2021 World Congress on IT in Dhaka. The World Information Technology and Services Alliance (WITSA) selects the winners among 80 countries, including Australia, South Africa, Canada, Malaysia, and more, to choose the most impactful and innovative candidates from every corner of the world. ACCORDING TO THEIR PRESS RELEASE, the WITSA Global ICT Excellence Awards is one of the most prestigious ones as its members represent 90 per cent of the global ICT market. 

Veda MIS has been providing an all-in-one platform for educational institutions to aid the digital transition. The company is driven by the vision of complete digital autonomy, equal opportunity, and mitigation of disruptions in education. The software has been providing administrative and accounting solutions to schools in addition to online classes, assignments, and examinations since 2015. 

This recognition has been quite a boost in aiding us to reach our goal of ensuring that developing countries catch up in terms of the evolution of education worldwide. We are determined to shift education to a completely digital medium so students can swiftly tread this path from a disadvantaged starting point. 

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