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Digital Education

Tips for Teaching Online

May 04, 2021

To learn anything new is a difficult task. To adapt to the changing times is always a difficult task for everyone. Last summer, when the global pandemic shut out most of the world, the algorithm of education changed significantly. To adapt to these challenging times, many different measures were taken. The base of the entire education system to the digital medium. During this shift, the future looked very dystopic. But slowly and steadily, we are adapting to our new digital surroundings. It is vital to be steady, and it requires a lot of patience to teach online.

Here are a few tips on teaching online:

1. Understand your students’ needs

In tough times like these, teachers and people in authority must understand what the students are going through. It is essential to know if they have enough resources to access the course materials. During these times, it is also essential to keep things light and fun.

2. Plan a strict lesson plan

It is more important for a rigid lesson plan online than for a physical class. It helps you to navigate through the course material while keeping the class engaged. Being well prepared gives you time and control over your class, making your online classroom more efficient and productive.

3. Make your class more interactive

Start classes with a fun question about how the students spent their day or which movie they watched. Make students active by making them participate in the discussion and also make sure they interact with fellow students. 

4. Prepare interactive slides

It is important for online classes that your slides are impeccable. Preparing interactive slides will help keep students’ attention intact and will help them learn effectively.

5. Regular call-outs

You can regularly call out students’ names and unexpectedly ask them questions related to the class. This will keep them attentive and more focused.

6. Make your slides and notes accessible at all times

It is essential to make your slides and notes accessible to students all the time. This will help students refer to your slides and notes during exams, and their learning will be more fruitful.

7. Regular Communication

Communicate with your students regularly. Not just about the course and academics, but also about their day-to-day routine. It is very important to know the students’ psyche and plan your classes accordingly in tough times like these.

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