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Refer Veda to Friends/Colleagues today and Win cash rewards

May 17, 2022

We are grateful to all our valued Supporters for being a part of the Veda family and continuing to support us in making education better for all. The support and enthusiasm for Veda shared by you to your friends and family have been instrumental in our growth. To make sure that your love and support continue to flourish, we want to give back to the community!

As part of our Donation Drive where we set aside financial assistance for students/schools in need after every school we onboard,

We are also delighted to introduce the Veda Referral Program. If you are a Veda Guru user [Teacher, Administrator, Principal, Founder], take up this opportunity to be part of Veda’s Donation drive and refer schools. And collect Rs. 5,000 for every school that Veda onboards.
Yes, that’s right! Simply log in to your Veda Guru app, fill up the form, and start referring!

We are constantly working on improving user experience and your support has come a long way in keeping us encouraged. This is a chance for us to expand the Veda family’s impact to reshape the future of education!

Spread the Word. And Start Collecting!

Start sending those referrals today to collect cash for a cause!

Benefits/Rewards for Everyone

Veda Guru users who make successful referrals will receive cash prizes.

The reward for Veda Guru Teachers

  1. They shall receive NRs. 5,000 for their first referral

  2. They shall receive NRs. 10,000 each for their second and third referrals made within a year of their first referral

  3. They shall receive NRs. 5,000 for all additional referrals they make after their third referral

  4. They can either keep the rewards for their donations, and commitments, OR they can allow Veda to collect the reward amount and donate it to students in need at the end of the year

*note - The rewards are dependent on the terms and conditions mentioned below. 

The cash reward can be used to contribute to Veda’s donation drive. Veda will ensure that the contributors are acknowledged and your virtues are credited. Veda Gurus will be asked whether they want to donate the cash reward before making the referral in the app itself. 

How To Refer

  1. Open the Veda Guru App 

  2. Navigate and tap on the Veda Referral section

  3. Once the page loads, you will see a section asking if you’d like to donate the reward. Select your option and proceed

  4. Fill in the details of the person you are referring

  5. Check for the required fields and make sure you have all the relevant information

  6. Submit the referral and wait while you track the progress in the app’s referral section

Process for Referral and Rewards

  1. After you submit your referral, Veda will contact the concerned people within 2 working days. At this time, your Referral status will say ‘INITIATED’

  2. Once Veda has made contact with the concerned, your status at the bottom of the Referral screen will say ‘IN PROGRESS’

  3. If the concerned party signs a contract with Veda, you will be rewarded with cash and the status will change to ‘REWARDED’

  4. In the case of Veda Guru's option for the Donation option, the status will still say ‘REWARDED’ but the cash prize shall directly be added to Veda’s donation fund

  5. If the concerned party does not sign a contract with Veda, the status will change to ‘DECLINED’  

  6. If the concerned party has already subscribed to Veda [is a Veda user], has already been referred by someone else, or the referral is a non-concerned institution or person; the status will change to ‘INVALID’ 

Terms and Conditions

By being a part of the Veda Referral Program, users agree to the following.

  • Veda Gurus shall not refer to individuals or institutions who already use Veda

  • Users shall only receive the 10,000 cash reward for the 2nd and 3rd referrals if they are made within one year of their first referral

  • Users will be rewarded ONLY after a contract is signed between Veda and the referred

  • Users shall not be allowed to change their option of either Donating or not Donating after the referral has been submitted

  • All contracts must be signed within 90 days of referral, or the referral is canceled

  • If Veda Gurus choose to receive the reward themselves, the Sales team shall contact them regarding reception upon completion of the referral

  • Veda shall not be required to produce details of the referral fund upon every individual request

  • Veda shall credit Veda Gurus who opted to donate at its Donation ceremony along with the contribution amount with permission

  • Veda shall use the data provided by Veda Gurus for other company related operations only

  • In case of other conflicts, such as a single party referred by several individuals, Veda reserves the right to make the final decision 

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