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Education During The Pandemic

Online Education : The need for the Past, Present and Future

Apr 30, 2021

The world is always in a constant shift. With new ideas and inventions coming in swiftly, we are forced to change our way of living. Humans are constantly evolving at a furious pace through past experiences and by observing history. Like all things that need change, education, too, needs a serious makeover.

Over the past few years, especially last year, the education system changed at a rapid pace. Since the world shifted its base to a more digital space, educating oneself is also shifting its base to digital platforms. The inventions and changes at political, social, and technological levels are evident and efficient. Even though the fundamental right to education was universally recognized in 1948, it was only after the Industrial Revolution that everyone got a chance at education.

The internet also played a massive role in bringing this change. Most people today rely on the internet to stay informed. However, using the internet to acquire education or any piece of information is a risky business. It is important to choose the right amount and the correct information to consume with too much information around us. Analyzing the online education phenomena at a micro-level, we need to look at our context from a political and social standpoint.

Nepal is going through a long-term political transition. It is in a constant process of searching for political stability. In the pursuit of finding political stability, the education institution has been hit hard. During the people’s movement, many schools and colleges had to be closed for months, eventually affecting their learning process. Hence, this shows that online education has been a necessity for a long time.

The past year is another example of how unprecedented events could easily disrupt daily lives and the world in general. Many educational institutions shifted their base to an online education during this global pandemic — an absolute necessity during the pandemic.

While as much as we all enjoy traditional classrooms, 2020 taught us that we should always have an alternative. And this year, 2021, more than ever, educational institutions should be prepared for anything. The good news? Veda, a complete school and college Management Information System (MIS) and digital learning platform, can help your school go digital.

With the country unprepared for the second wave and a nationwide lockdown, Veda can help you manage your institution from anywhere. Veda’s easy-to-use user interface (UI) and customization of features to meet every school or college need help teachers, students, and parents stay connected through one platform.

The integrated Zoom in the Veda for Students app and Veda Guru app help conduct online classes and take auto attendance. Teachers can assign homework, track students’ progress, and even conduct online exams, all within the app. The embedded messaging function makes it easy for teachers, students, and parents to stay connected.

Trusted by more than 600 schools and colleges across Nepal, Veda is an all-in-one software for schools and colleges to leap quite literally to digitization.  For Veda users — teachers, students, and parents, the light to the end of the tunnel is shining a bit brighter.

The 2021 school year will be like no other. So let Veda help you make this transition to digitization with its uniquely designed tech tools for the smooth operation of online virtual classes and other school businesses. Veda’s innovative tech allows schools and colleges of any size to embrace digitization and learning opportunities for yesterday, today, tomorrow.

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