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Education During the Pandemic

Maintaining a Steady Routine for Homeschooling

Apr 07, 2021

To have a routine is very important in our day-to-day life. With this pandemic bringing rigorous daily life to a halt, a routine is important now more than ever. The order in which we go about our day-to-day lives is significant as it is bound to have a longer impact on our lives. The pandemic has slowed things down, and routines are dismantled from our lives. The form of education has also changed heavily, and homeschooling seems the new normal. To be disciplined while studying from home is a different task altogether. We can definitely achieve this by keeping us in a routine and following it diligently.

Starting Slow: Jumping right into a hardbound disciplined routine is hard, so you must keep in mind to start slow. Do small things regularly and try to do them with efficiency. Make it a pattern, and slowly keep doing those things. The main aim here is not to take the pressure. Maintaining your books and keeping them in a particular order before going to sleep can be a good example of starting slow.

Strictly fix your wake-up time and sleeping time: The most important part of having a steady routine is to have a fixed time to wake up and go to sleep. By regularly sleeping and waking up at a fixed time, your body and mind remain healthy and energetic. And a healthy mind can grasp and learn concepts more fluently. It also is an excellent strategy for time management. Since learning from home requires more energy, fixing your sleep schedule is the most important part of maintaining a steady routine.

Plan your day keeping the most important tasks early: It is crucial to plan out your day in advance. That can be done by making a to-do list of the next day before you go to sleep. That will mentally prepare you to be ready for tomorrow’s day. Make sure you map out the classes and the chapters you are to complete the following day. While doing so, you can keep the most important tasks early, as the early morning freshness will help you complete the tasks more fluently.

Reward Yourself: Give yourself a set of goals for a day, and try and complete them before the day ends. After you complete your goals for the given day, reward yourself and appreciate yourself. You can watch a good movie at the end of the day, rewarding yourself for achieving all your academic goals for the day.

Avoid Procrastination: One thing that is very harmful to students is procrastination. The constant pushing of important tasks and the tendency to complete them right before the deadline are very prevalent in students. To avoid this, it is crucial to do things little by little and do them every day. If you have a long assignment to submit, you need to do them little by little every day. This way, you will avoid pressure at the very last moment and eventually complete your assignment with no stress.

Maintain Resting time: As homeschooling has many online classes and online assignments, it is vital to rest. Routines are only steady when you can be well-rested. So make sure you take ample rest. A 15-minute break every hour is proven to be very productive, especially if you are working on a computer screen.

Maintaining a routine can be a tough task if you jump right into it. But if you take it slow and steadily, a routine will be steady naturally. Especially when you are at home and attending classes from home, a routine will help you be more productive academically.

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