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Learning during lockdown : A starter on educational internet for students

Dec 04, 2020

The COVID pandemic has affected the education system in many ways. Schools have remained physically closed for nearly seven months since the pandemic started, and aren’t opening anytime soon.

The amount of free time and time spent alone, has also expanded for students, thanks to the lockdown. Outside sport activities have reduced, and extra classes have not really been seen during this period. As a result, the use of the internet has also increased considerably.

While idly browsing youtube and facebook from time to time is not a bad thing, keeping an open mind on other resources for learning is something students need to strive for during the lockdown.

There are countless resources online which can help do that, but the internet is a massive, convoluted place.

Fortunately, we have compiled several resources that help you start out on learning new things, and also aid your academic journey:

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a free resource that no one should miss. It contains resources on almost every course material in course books, everything from Kindergarten Maths and High School Biology to Computer Science and many, many, more things. It is really easy to get started, and even has a Youtube channel if you don’t want to sign up! Just go to the channel, and search for a topic of your choice, and you’ll get dozens of detailed, fun videos that will help you fall in love with the subject.

Draw Together

Want to keep your mind off academics from time to time, and have fun while learning?Draw Together is a super fun place where you can learn to draw and show it off to your friends while relaxing, and hey, it’s also on instagram!


Taking up reading as a hobby is one of the best decisions you can make. It increases creativity and imagination, you learn new things, and most importantly is extremely fun! Storyweaver has over 23000 stories for students of every level to enjoy!


SciShow is a great and fun youtube channel which helps you understand the science behind many everyday (and sometimes very strange) things.

National Geographic Games

The National Geographic Games are a fun way to increase your knowledge on the natural world. It has quizzes and many fun games on animals, geography, history and many other topics for some fact filled fun!


MathScore is the go-to to have fun while learning maths. Developed by MIT graduates, it makes all concepts clear, and you have fun while learning mathematics! It has lessons for Grades 1 to 8, and additional algebra and geometry lessons, and it’s sure to help students ace their tests.

Elemental Science

Hands-on projects are the best way to understand science, and Elemental Science has 80+ cheap and easy science projects that can be done at home. Ranging from Making Homemade volcanoes to Extracting Banana DNA, these projects are sure to keep anyone curious and get a practical look at their course!


NASA’s ClimateKids is a lesson about the burning topics of the world, explained in a fun and simple way. It is important to learn about things like Climate Change, biodiversity, and the environment in an interactive way, and ClimateKids does just that, in an entertaining and fun way.

Interactive lessons about course topics are extremely beneficial to well rounded development of students, and the internet is the perfect place to find such topics.

These resources will not only help students develop their curiosity but also be beneficial to their academics.

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