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It's Dashain, and We Love It!

Oct 07, 2021

It's 2 PM in Kathmandu. At Veda’s Dhobighat office, Shreeya is sitting there at her desk trying to work. She wants to focus but is unable to. She looks out the window, and the day feels a bit strange. It has been like this for a while now. The wind has picked up pace in the past few days. Over in Pokhara, Shrutee feels the same. It seems as if they are being urged to unwind. Just like our hardworking teachers and students.

Because? It's Dashain time, and we love it!

We have had a difficult time through which we have managed to persevere. Most of us have also completed our examinations in the past few weeks. Teachers must be finishing up marking their papers too. This Dashain is something we have all earned for ourselves. 

We do not need to tell you about Dashain in detail. That would be almost patronizing, won’t it? 

Let us take this time to unwind and enjoy our holidays. Let us make sure we spend enough time with our loved ones since the hassle of our regular days makes it almost impossible to. Whether you celebrate Dashain or not, students and teachers need holidays to reset and prepare themselves for what comes next. This Dashain, let’s forget everything that has been weighing on our minds and breathe the fresh air as we rise beyond the horizon on our bare bamboo swings. Let us make for the signature Dashain 101 rulebook cover picture. 

The Tale of Victory

As we celebrate, let's make sure that we remember how we managed to defeat the coronavirus pandemic and keep it from disrupting education. Like Goddess Durga’s triumph over the demon Mahisasur, our own victory deserves complete admiration and acknowledgement. 

We at Veda are thankful to every one of you who put your trust in us. 

Make sure the kites fly high, the new clothes shine, and your hand is blessed to be holding a trial of Aces at everyone’s expense. Ah! And let’s not forget the ‘Masu Bhat’. Vegetarians need not be sad, though. Our rich diversity is going to ensure their tongue does not miss out on indulgence!

While you do all this, do tag us in your posts as well. We’d love to witness your Dashain fun and be a part of that experience. 

As we slowly move forward in life, these are the memories that we cherish. They do not come back and thus should be allowed to be soaked in one’s soul. 

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