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Online Admission

Easy Online Admissions for +2 Colleges Matters More Than Ever Today?

Aug 08, 2021

We’ve all been through a lot throughout 2020 and well into 2021. Coronavirus threat still stares at us right in the eye. In addition to that, several other challenges like pollution and political instability stand in our way as we look for the path leading onto normalcy. In this chaos, what’s really important is our ease of access to basic necessities like food, health, and education. Hundreds of thousands of SEE appearing students wait to take the next step towards higher education(+2, A-Levels, IB). With that in mind, we have to ensure that their well-being is not compromised. As parents, guardians, and facilitators, our job is to ensure that these students receive the necessary support, proper guidance, and a safe space to ensure better learning. 

Veda: A Plausible Workaround?

Online School management information system like Veda are potential answers to this pressing +2/College admission matter. There is a certain wave of ease and control that every educator desires. Veda is capable of filling the responsibility shoes in assisting you to do just that. Not just educators, even students can benefit from everything being online. There is no physical movement involved which is honestly such a privilege during these times. On top of that, everyone can also evade any further delays because of the limitations of physical movement around the country. 

The country is full of talented minds who have been left in uncertainty by the Coronavirus pandemic. There are others, even, who cannot get access to a good education because of physical limitations. Veda brings everyone an opportunity not to let obstacles like such disrupt education from moving forward. Schools and colleges can approach potential students, take entrance tests, and receive admission fees all online. Now that takes care of a lot, doesn’t it?

Not only that, there is a myriad of tasks that educators and students can achieve through Veda’s services. Online classes, auto attendance, online assignments, online fee payment, etc., to name a few.

While it would take pages and pages of description to talk about everything, we can certainly talk about a few!

Online Admission

Let's get the most obvious one out of the box. Online admissions have never been easier since Veda arrived at the scene. It’s no secret that students residing in rural areas of Nepal are currently at a disadvantage because of restricted movement. On top of that, even if they decide to migrate, the risks outweigh the potential benefits. The risk is of uncertainty, of sky-rocketing market prices, of expensive housing and food. Around this, many students with great potential fail to find the +2 college where they ‘fit’. The institutions also miss out on achieving candidates - and the chance to flaunt near perfect batch results!

With Veda’s online admission system, Schools and Colleges can open themselves up to potential candidates online. A student would look for their desired institution online. Once done, the institution would get in touch with the student. Following this, the student would fill an online admission registration form through Veda - and once selected, the student can also pay admission fees through Veda!

Keeping Track of the Data

Since the number of students appearing for the SEE is easily in the lakhs, there is no doubt that a good handful of applicants would approach a given institution. Managing larger numbers gets challenging by the exponent. 

With Veda, however, it's a breeze. All one has to worry about is a registration number. The system takes care of the rest. The best thing - this is not just limited to +2. All admissions are handled the same way, making the admin's lives easier, more efficient, and happier!

From Admission Until Graduation

The usefulness of Veda doesn’t just stop at admissions. Veda takes care of student data from the day they apply for admission to the day they graduate from school. This includes performance statistics, attendance records, assignment reports, teacher evaluations, Fees and finances, and so much more. 

On top of Admissions, Veda would help institutions take better care of their students by analyzing the aspects of a student’s development over their period at school. Examination and report cards too are handled automatically, leaving room for other important developments in educating and learning.

Let's Talk About Resources and the Library

An extensive collection of reading or reference material is crucial for an educational institution. Higher education such as +2 or College requires students and teachers to access other resources available in a school/college library. eBooks, journals, faculty papers, etc., become inevitable materials for better learning. 

With Veda, library management doesn’t need second thoughts. All your resource databases are easily accessible through Veda. Institutions also have complete control over who gets to access the resources. Physical limitations will not stop a student from assessing resources. Teachers can upload ebooks, reading material, and additional resources which can be accessed through the Veda app itself. For students who have limited physical access, they can also ‘reserve’ books from the institution’s library which can be borrowed as the book arrives. It will be as if there are no limitations in the first place!

Matter at Hand: The High School Trend

The high school (+2, A-Level, IB college) trend in Nepal has been set for some time now. Each year tens of thousands of students migrate to cities like Kathmandu and Pokhara following their SEE results. In fact, an article published in the Journal of Applied Youth Studies cited data that showed that rural-urban migration in Nepal stood at a whopping 2.6 million. [Source

Additionally, the Authors also pointed to a study that indicated that “Rural youth who aspire education beyond secondary school are compelled to migrate to the city.” [Source]

With access to this information, educators are presented with a situation where they are torn between responsibility and convenience. The process of making this process seamless seems daunting. On top of that, dealing with COVID makes it seem like there is no alternative to the migration that has been going on for ages. However, is the situation really as bleak as it looks right now? You can find that out right away after you schedule a free consultation.

Now there won't be a disconnect between aspirations and compatibility of students and educators because of inconveniences like the pandemic or pollution. With the tools available in Veda School ERP, the SEE to +2 transformation will be as easy as floating through space in zero gravity! Yet, if you are still unsure, why not take a leap of faith and give it a shot?

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