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Digital Education

Digitization in Nepal and why is it necessary that we keep up?

Nov 13, 2021

As the world evolves and we learn to adapt, one recurring theme that seems to always loom over our heads is technology. Most tasks, whose names range across the entire alphabet, seem to have this ‘better’ way of being dealt with. You guessed it: Digitization! 

On 26th January 2021, Nepal launched Nepal National Single Window (NNSW), a long-awaited project. It was supposed to be launched in 2018. However, delays after delays pushed it more than two years away. Although a little late, with NNSW, trade procedures between the Department of Customs and other government agencies became digital. With that, the staff that had been mediating this trade on papers and print-outs now had a task of adaptation ahead of them. The task of learning ways to operate in a completely digital environment. However, that is nothing compared to the ease of use that is soon to arrive. 

That example might be a little too far for a clear perspective. Think about healthcare. With the coronavirus pandemic, people could not visit doctors in person. During that crisis, many people had to use online platforms for consultation and even medicine delivery. Although emergencies can’t be handled online, people still had an option to have their symptoms evaluated by a doctor to put their minds at ease. With this development considered, think about the ease everyone now has at hand. With a few clicks and taps, you suddenly figure out that you don’t have that rare kidney disease you read online about! 

Most of us might already be familiar with online shopping. You see something you like — a pen perhaps — you click on ‘buy now’, and within a few days, you get to hold a shining pen in your hands. You can even buy fresh vegetables nowadays completely digitally. Moreover, certain services even provide you with readymade recipes and portions that you just have to put together as instructed. And Voila! You have a perfect meal within minutes. 

Why the Digitization of Education?

The common theme across all examples mentioned above is that digitization equals ease and efficiency. In 2019 the Nepal government introduced the Digital Nepal Framework noting this very, almost inescapable, need for digitization. While there are multiple sectors to this, what we are most interested in right now is education.

As we can see, every sector is now transitioning towards a digital environment. Especially post the COVID pandemic, the process of digitization has seen an exponential rise. Although we are an unlucky bunch because it took a pandemic for us to realize how important digitization was, we are finally on the way to being in sync with how most prosperous countries handle their affairs.
For us, Digital education is by default the most important branch of this digitization drive. We are yet to look at what that digitization actually means to us. There are countless benefits to education going digital. However, we are going to look at three of the most important. 

  • A Global Network of Learning 

Learning isn’t just limited to classrooms. In fact, limiting oneself within the classroom gets counter-intuitive when you consider all the new content that gets pushed every day. One can keep up with the latest and the new right through the screens of a digital device. Imagine the days where one would have to wait months for a telegram. Even that would be limited to a select few, and it would be years before the general public could access that information!  

  • Easy and Effective Learning

On top of a global network, learning becomes effective through digitization. Even the ‘shy’ students can easily skip and rewind in a digital world. Today’s world has platforms that aid learning by being interactive and full of video content designed to explain. If one doesn’t like something, there are still thousands of other ‘unique’ options to choose from. This digitization promotes easy and effective learning that is both sustainable and desirable, considering that top countries like Finland and Japan use it. 

  • Preparation for a Digital Future

Like we talked about at the beginning of this article, every sector is embracing the digital. Given that, it only makes sense that students are prepared to deal with the digital workplace. Once introduced to the digital medium at a young age, students can effectively navigate their ways around learning. Grasping newer aspects of technology, thus, becomes relatively easier! 

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